Why Does Hair Turn Gray As We Age?

Why Does Hair Turn Gray As We Age?

In common, getting gray hair is a natural part of growing older.  Some people get this kind of hair when their age reachs forty or fifty. But some other people starting to get the gray in thirthy, even twenty.  Again, for a genetical reason, it is also a natural part. But why our beatiful dark, blonde, brown hair or any hair color gets gray? this is the reason:

Our hair is colored by chemical called mellanin.  The mellanin is produced by pigment cells in hair follicle (hair follicle is a kind of tissue under the head skin) that is surrounded hair root to support the color if your hair. The darkness or lightness of the hair depends on how much melanin each strand contains. More mellanin contained, more dark hair people will have.

Gray Hair

Gray Hair

The pigment cells countinously produce mellanin until the time of production decrease.  When people get older, the mellanin production get slowly until finally stopped making them. When production mellanin stopped, then the color supply to the hair does not exist. Therefore, the hair will looked gray.

This phenomenon can be happened to anyone, anytime depending on genetic factors. Some people have gray hair at a relatively younger age than others. If you find people like this, you can see his family. Almost certainly, parents or grandparents have had gray hair since they were young too.  However, besides age, several factors can accelerate the process of getting gray hair , like chemotherapy, which is used to treat cancer, Lacks of B vitamins, poor nutrition, and smoking can also make people more quickly to have gray hair.  Because smoking can cause the supply of oxygen to the skin tissue to be reduced and this causes the death of cells that produce mellanin.

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