What Types of Woman’s Short and Medium Hairstyles that Men Like?

There’s a saying that goes “hair is a crown for woman” and this is somewhat true because most men are attracted to woman’s hair, aside from their other physical appearance. Many types of short and medium hairstyle are commonly used by many women these days. The benefit of having less time in hair care, treatment, and styling (around 5 minutes or less), which normally can takes time from 20 – 30 minutes every time after bath. Short and medium hairstyles also offer the feeling of fresh, new and stylish at the same time. Below are some lists of women’s short and medium hairstyles that men generally like to see.

1. Pixie Hairstyles

Pixie HaircutsPixie HaircutPixie Hairstyles

Although it’s categorized as very short type of hairstyle, women often used this kind of hairstyle these days. Despite the short hair length and the great risks involved, they never fail to amaze people around them, especially men, and that’s a very important thing. The images of modern, fresh, professional, but also stylish at the same time, makes these women easily accepted in the work environment.

2. Bob Hairstyles

Bob HaircutsShag Bob HairstylesCurly BobMature Bob Haircut

Another type of short hairstyle with bangs at the length of eyebrows or more, and also can be used by both short and medium hair length. These days, we can find many types of bob hairstyle for short to medium hair length, such as short bob, curly bob, wavy bob, inverted bob, and etc. Some of the bob hairstyles even went to the entirely new level of haircut and styling which considered odd by some men, and because of that, most men would agree that the best type of bob hairstyle would be the one that looks natural and goes along perfectly with the user’s face. Moreover, the most important thing by having a bob haircut is to have the images of modern, mature, yet stylish at the same time, because it will surely draw attention to men.

3. Shag Hairstyles

Shag HairstylesShort Shag HairstylesWavy Shag Hairstyles

A type of hairstyle with spiky ends and uneven hair length that’s shorter on the top side and longer on the bottom side. There are 3 types of shag hairstyle for short to medium hair length, such as short shag, medium shag, and wavy shag. More women are using shag hairstyle these days because of its beautiful haircut and styling, and shag hairstyle is also looks good on many women. Along with the images of sexy, modern, mature, and stylish, it’s no wonder why woman with shag hairstyle become one of men’s favorites.

3. Medium Hairstyles

Medium HairstylesMedium HairstylesPonytail HairstylesMedium Hairstyles

With the almost the same length of entire hair makes medium hairstyle is different from medium bob or medium shag hairstyle, because it doesn’t have bangs and the minimum length of entire hair is at the shoulder. There are 3 common types of medium hairstyle, such as medium straight hairstyle, medium wavy hairstyle, and medium curly hairstyle. Hair length and perfectly combined hairstyle which give the images of sexy, mature, feminine, and stylish. That’s why no matter which type of medium hairstyle that woman use, men will always be curious.

Moreover there are many types of short and medium hairstyles and they will look great if combined with the right facial shape, hair types, height, and age. That’s why it is very important for woman to choose their hairstyle carefully, because hairstyle can helps with a good first impression and give self confidence, which eventually will help smooth things up when socialize with people, especially with men.

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