What Is the Best Hair Color

What Is the Best Hair Color

The world is full of women and men who color their mane to look well-groomed or to be fashionable because it is hot nowadays. The best hair color can always be easily accessed by people who can afford the expertise of stylist in classy salons. Since hair color is not really permanent and it has to be retouched therefore going to the salon is essential which makes it quite expensive. While when doing the hair coloring at home, the most common dilemma is knowing what type of brand, hair color, shade and highlight to use. So finding the best hair color is quite essential when hair coloring is done at home.

Hair ColorsThere are just too much choices for hair color kits. Here we will try to find hair color ideas that would be suitable for our hair. The best hair color is based on the price and the its fulfillment of the user’s needs. For those who need maximum gray hair coverage, the best product would be L’oreal Paris Excellence Cream. For people with dark locks wishing to make it lighter the L’oreal Paris Chunking Blocks of Highlight is a great choice. Other great products for highlighting include Revlon Frost & Glow Highlighting, L’oreal Paris Couleur Experte and Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Multi-lights. If blonde makes you more fun, then try John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray. If natural hair color is what you prefer then try henna, Garnier Nutrisse or Clairol lines.

Finding the right color is also quite challenging considering it has to suite one’s skin tone, as well as personality and lifestyle. Selecting the perfect shade, highlights and depths that will suit one properly is quite a handful, so here are some guidelines.

1. Washed out looks do not work well with dark skin. With the warm skin tone any color with golden, caramel and honey descriptions can serve as the best hair color for you with warm red and golden highlights.

2. Choosing a blonde color requires a drastic process as well as continuous maintenance. The hair to be colored needs to be strong and healthy for it to survive the coloring process. If one is naturally blonde, highlights can accentuate the hair.

3. If risqué and dramatic red hair color can perfectly pair a pale and freckly skin plus if you have strong personality.

4. If your skin tone is too pale, do not try to be a brunette because it will look very unnatural.

5. Raven or black looks best for those with exceptionally good complexion. However, older women should stay away from this color.

The best hair color for you will always depend on your skin tone, age and lifestyle.

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