What Are the Hairstyles Trends in 2011?

What Are the Hairstyles Trends in 2011?

We all know that fashion is always changing by considering the time. A certain period has its own fashion style which is different from the other periods. However, it is still possible that certain period will be like a kind of flashback to the other periods because it adopts the pre-existing fashion. Then, at this point, you might wonder what kind of fashion style that occurs in this recent time. Well, now that you mention it, 2011 hairstyles trends are actually still similar to 2010. However, the difference is located in the way how the people are starting to like natural appearance. Therefore, in 2011, you will find a lot of people, especially women, are abandoning complicated make up and use the plainer one.

Well, by considering of such trend, it also affects 2011 hairstyles trends. If previously the women like to appear quite complicated including the way how they have complicated hairstyles, in 2011, the women like to appear in simpler style. It is very rare to find long hairstyles. Well, most of the women prefer to have short hairstyles now. For the girls, they would like to have gloomy short but layered hairstyles combined with casual dark shirts and thick eye liner. Yep, such kind of appearance is the hottest style during this period. As in the makeup, the people now prefer to abandon using thick one. They tend to choose the paler color of the makeup, thin and natural lipstick, and a little bit of mascara. For addition, it is also possible for the women at this recent time to abandon using lipstick and replace it with lip gloss. Those are the things that we can see from the women at this recent time. The women appear that way in all occasions not only in casual events. Therefore, during the formal occasions, you will barely find any women who dress complicatedly and use thick make up. All is back to natural theme. However, if you come to the teenager occasion such as prom, the occurrence will be slightly different.

Although the theme is still the same; natural, but the appearance of the girls is quite gloomier than the adult women. Such thing also affects the hairstyles. Well, we can say that such hairstyles are the prom hairstyles 2011. Dark, medium or short, and layered hairstyles are still the hottest fashion. However, for short and medium hairstyles there are some emo accents that occur in the hairstyles. Well, it is very possible because emo hairstyles have been the style that still becomes the mainstream of recent time.

Sophie Lomas – Winner of 2011 NSW colourist of the yearwww.toniandguy.com.au

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