Urban Techno to Dominate 2010 Hairstyles

2009 had passed and in 2010, we all need something new and fresh, including in fashion. Fashion is dynamic, and so is the hairstyle. What kind of hairstyle that will be booming in 2010?

2010 Hairstyles2010 Hair TrendsFrom the fashion show that was held in Bali in December 2009, 2010’s hair trend was launched with the theme “Techno Romance”. Techno Romance is the style that will be the style of both men and women in 2010. This theme was inspirited by the evolution of the urban society lifestyle.

This international event was attended by the world hair and make-up maestros, such as Sam McKnight and Bruce Grayson. There were also Asian experts like Lim Soon Sin from Malaysia, Arnel Monel and Henri Calayag from Indonesia, and other popular experts like Rudy Hadisuwarno, Jonki Pitoi, and Sugimarton.

What did the experts say about 2010’s hairstyles?

Sam McKnight said that techno romance is the answer to our stressful and busy daily life. “The urban lifestyle always evolutes towards presence,” said McKnight at the event which was held by P&G Beauty&Grooming. Next, Bruce Grayson said that techno romance hairstyles focus on fresh day-gloss colors which express the urban romantic style. This stylist, who is used to handling Oscar’s stars and top celebrities like Tom Cruise, Richard Gere, Brooke Shield, Caroline Kennedy, and Hillary Clinton, said, “The variety of  hair colors in this trend is more natural because of the material choosing, the creation of tie dye effect, and the innovative materials. These are all the characteristic of urban society,” he said.

2010 Hair Trends2010 HairstylesSpecifically for the hair, Alfons was convinced that the feminine style which was light and soft focused on using the texture to create movement. Therefore in 2010, there will be many icy colors like light blonde and dazzling pastel color as the basic of techno romance hair appearance.

In order to introduce the hair colors which were predicted to boom in 2010, PAC had even invited make-up and hair experts from the Philippines (Jomar), Yuang Sng (Singapore), and Joakim Roos (America) to give their opinions. Three of them predicted about the upcoming trends.

Joakim Roos, an international educator from Pivot Point, Chicago, said that for the 2010 hairstyles,  the trend would range around fringes with many textures, pointed tip and geometric cutting techniques. Meanwhile for the colors, Joakim explained that the hair colors that would be a trend were medium dark brown with a little orange, gold, and a shimmering look. A softer and more feminine sensation would be the main points.

2010 Hair Trends2010 HairstylesFrom PAC itself, particularly on the latest make-up collections, PAC would display the colors from both elements. Urban style was represented by dark colors like deep blue, black, brown and maroon. Meanwhile Techno was dominated by light colors like lime green, silver, purple, and white,” explained Verly Elinda, PAC’s Product Manager.

So, the point that could be concluded was short hairstyles with light icy colors like silver would dominate the 2010’s hairstyles. However, whatever the predictions were, it was the celebrities or top designers who would make it popular and make it on trend. For 2010’s long hairstyles, it was predicted that people would focus on Kate Gosselin’s hairstyle. In the early of the year, Kate Gosselin had made a sensational change of her short hair to a long hair. After her divorce with Gosselin, Kate spent her time for more than 20 hours with her hairstylist to decide what hairstyle that would be the most suitable hairstyle for 2010. This hairstyle was predicted to be on trend in 2010. Just so you know, Kate Gosselin spent for more than $7000 just for her new 2010 hairstyle.

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