Up To The Minute Hair Color Trends

Up To The Minute Hair Color Trends

Movie stars and celebrities are in vogue all the time because they are icons and role models of fashion. You will not see regular people donning hair color trends because they do not deem it natural. The world has changed. For this generation if you are not in the fashion trend you are continuously asked “What were you thinking?!” People today already show up at their schools and work places dressed up with their favorite celebrity style in mind. Hair styles and hair color trends are not only for the rich and famous anymore, regular joes could already be seen rocking the trend boat.

Certified fashionistas are always browsing for the latest and rising trends to keep them in the “in” or just to play with different styles. Here are some of the hair color trends to watch out for in 2011 and 2012.

1. The DIY chick will have tons of fun, since there will be demand for DIY and at-home hair colors and products that are fast and easy to apply, natural based products like henna will also be in demand. Bright haired beauties will be happy to know that pinks, greens and blues will be sported by many during its comeback.

2. During the fall season, lighter hair is an essential. The stage is set for the resturn of multi-colors and dip dye. Dip dyeing refers to bleaching and coloring some sections of the hair near the tips with very bright, unusual colors.

3. Hottest celebrity hair shades are going to be edgy and trendy in a bid to be different from everyone else donning a colored mane. Tanned skin plus strawberry blonde hair is hot. Auburn shades will be in as well as nurgundy, copper brown and the risqué red.

4. With the shocking colors being in vogue, there will be a demand for semi permanent colors to balance the boldness.

5. What’s hot during the summer and winter? The answer is long and very dark brunette. Together with heavy makeup, sure to rock the runway are muted earth tones or warm browns in long, wavy, layered hairstyle. This trend is going to be a trend for those with green or blue eyes.

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