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Fashion HairstylesThe fact that your hair-dos support your appearances is undeniable. The way you manage your hair can even help you to create a good or bad impression for others. Are you searching for suitable hairstyles for yourselves? Are you sick of having the same old hair-dos everyday (oh, when you are attending formal parties in particular)? Through this article, we are trying to collect and observe some fashion hairstyles and serve them for you as fresh ideas.

Whether you have either long or short hair, that does not matter. We can create gorgeous styles and looks with both long and short hair. So, do not worry about being not able to look awesome if you have short hair. Nowadays even short pixie hair has become trend – a good example is from the super short fashionable hairstyles of Emma Watson – just be confident and look after ideas!

First let us take a look at some ideas for long hair. It seems like the use of waves and curls are dominating the hairstyles nowadays. In addition, the messy effect is also very common nowadays. The classic look of neatly brushed hair is a little bit put aside for the time being. The hair is usually curled in bigger waves and being let down the shoulders just the way it is. Both the neater look (see picture 1) or the messier look (see picture 2) seem great. Just try the one you like the best. Both are also quite simple styles to be applied when you are attending a function or other formal occasions.

Not only big curls are used, small waves are also can be applied this fashion hairstyles, particularly when you would like to give a voluminous effect on your hair. A smaller curl tends to give this kind of “swell” effect to the hair (see picture 3) so, it is  a good enough idea for those who have thin hair. If you are afraid to look too messy, you can always combine the curls with some hair-dos like the one on the picture, perhaps.

For those who don’t like to curl the whole hair, perhaps this coiffure is a good idea for you. Still playing with curls and messy-look, this rather vintage style can be created through the tying up of the hair and the curling of the ponytails. (see picture 4) This one is the most suitable when you want to look glamorous on special events!

What about short hair? Don’t get it wrong! Although there are not as many hairdos choices as for the long hair, it is quite easy to have fashion hairstyles on short hair. Try to use some shaggy looks as extra effects. This half-long half-short style is also quite popular. Now who says that it looks too brutal when you have this kind of long-short hair? Have not a too-significant difference between the length of your hair and you can style it up like this, for instance (see picture 5). Prefer something shorter? Then still the same, use the advantage of shaggy hair, make it a little bit shorter in the back and longer in the front side, you could at once play with bangs to sweeten your short fashion hairstyles look (see picture 6).

Hope those ideas up there are the good ones and could be helpful for you to look more gorgeous. Stay beautiful!

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 Picture 1   Picture 2   Picture 3
Picture 4 Picture 5 Picture 6

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