Top Tips For Healthy Summer Hairstyles

Summer is fast approaching and while we all look forward to a summer holiday, the things that we love the most, the sun, the sea and swimming in the pool, can all cause damage to our hair. Here are some top tips for keeping your hairstyles in brilliant condition meaning that you have a sleek healthy looking hair style, rather than limp, frizzy or lifeless hair.

It’s best to start the holiday season with a visit to your hairdresser to get all those split ends cut off and make sure your hairstyles is in the best condition before you jet set off to sunnier shores.

Summer HairstylesRinse: Make sure you rinse your hair thoroughly after washing and conditioning it, leftover products in your hair can make it look dull, especially residual shampoo, remaining shampoo exposure to the sun will make your hair look dull and rigid.

Condition: When applying conditioner only apply in from mid-lengths through to your ends as applying it to your roots will only weigh your hair down.

Chlorine and sea salt: For many of us holidays will involve swimming in a pool or the sea. Chlorine and sea salt can play havoc with your hair and make it dried out and frizzy. Dyed hair can be badly affected as dyes can make hair become more porous. The best protection is to use a rich protein conditioner beforehand and make sure you rinse hair immediately after swimming, as more damage can be done by leaving it to dry.

Brushing wet hair: Using a wide-toothed comb can help separate tangles and will reduce the risk of breaking your hair, as hair is at its most vulnerable when it’s wet.

Blow drying: Hair can be affected by heat damage so make sure you protect your hair with a styling product such as a conditioning cream or serum. Blow dry from root to tip to reduce frizz and protect your hair cuticles.

Summer HairstylesUsing ghd straighteners: Make sure your hair is thoroughly dry before using hair straighteners or curling tongs to avoid it frizzing. Use a heat protection spray to protect your hair from being damaged by the heat; this is especially important if you use them frequently as your hair can dry out causing dull, frizzy hair. after all that, a headscarf can also protect your hair when you are walking at the beach under the hot sun.

Fine Hair: Fine hair can look lifeless and limp so try perking it up a bit with a volumising shampoo and conditioner. Remember that diet can affect your hair as well so try eating plenty of fresh and raw foods to nourish it back to life!

Green Hair? Unfortunately, green hair can be a nasty side effect on blonde hair after swimming in heavily chlorinated water. Try conditioning it with a rich leave in conditioner to lessen the effect, but there’s no cure all so a trip to the hairdresser’s may well be needed. If you’re going to lighten your hair, have new blonde highlights etc, it’s probably worth doing this a couple of weeks before going away.

If you’ve returned from holiday and your hair is dried out from the sun, sea and chlorine then try a homemade hair mask to recondition your hair and keep it soft and shiny. Olive or coconut oil are great natural treatments and both are cheap to use at home. To use just rub in the oil thoroughly into your hair and scalp, wrap it up using some cling film and leave for a few hours before rinsing out and washing with a natural shampoo.

Remember that preparation is the key to keeping your hair in great shape so try to follow these tips to keep your locks soft and shiny – all year round.

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Summer Hairstyles

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Summer Hairstyles

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