Styles for Long Hair for the 2013 Prom Season

There is nothing better than having ‘the’ best knock out prom hairstyles for long hair. The awesome thing about long hair is that you have a vast variety of styles to choose from. So what constitutes ‘long’ hair?  Generally speaking it is anything passed the top of the shoulders but if you asked the question on the street, you would get a variety of lengths as an answer.

The best prom hairstyles for long hair are those that will be seen by the most fashion savvy on your big night. Here we will let you in on some secrets about what is out there so you can be among the trendy on your 2013 prom night!

Inexpensive equipment

Yes you have to have some of the latest equipment to pull this one off. Relax, it’s not the latest phone or computer upgrade and will cost 100% less than going to a salon for a $50 dollar ‘up do’.  The hairstyles pictures that are provided here will help to spark the imagination.

topsy_tail_hairstyleThe topsey tail

This little gadget is a shoe in for prom hairstyles for long hair because it is a versatile little piece of plastic. This can be found online or when you Google it, there are instructions for making your own! How’s that for inventive? The topsey tail allows you to make a traditional pony tail into a stylish pony tail twist. There are hairstyles pictures and tutorials you can find that will show you how to do at least five different styles with this one gadget.


Prom HairstylesThe Sock Bun

Now, this you can make yourself and here we will list the short steps to take to construct one in less than ten minutes with no sweat!

  1. Grab a sock-any sock-
  2. Slide sock on your hand-any hand
  3. Pull toe section off the hand so it just hangs off the tips of your fingers
  4. Carefully cut the toe section off of the sock
  5. Roll the sock into a circle by rolling it from tips of fingers to wherever the sock stops at the top

The key here is the longer the hair the longer the sock should be so as to gets a nice springy round donut.

Long Prom Hairstyles

  1. Put sock donut aside
  2. Take ponytail band and make a traditional pony tail
  3. Take hair and pull through donut hole
  4. Cover donut with hair by laying it on donut hole until it looks like it is a ring of hair or a bun.
  5.  Take another hair band and secure bottom of bun
  6. See this video, how to organize bun hairstyles

You will then have a bun with excess hair so now you can get fancy with prom hairstyles for long hair. You can just wrap the excess hair around the base of the bun and wear a classic ballerina bun or you could make one large or two small braids and wrap the braids around the bun then secure any fly away hair with bobby pins. You can even invest a little in some bobby pins and hair clips with Rhine stones and butterflies and such. There are so many accessories to fit the many tastes and budgets out there.

Gadget less Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

OK so you may have stumbled upon this article in the last minute and don’t have the time for the gadgets. Prom hairstyles for long hair do not have to be difficult they can be as easy as doing it yourself, going to a friend or a salon and describing what you want.


The classic up do

If you go to the accessory shop and look around for accessories such as gold and silver hair bands and Rhine stone hair clips you can arrive at the prom with class and elegance with a classic Roman style up do. To get this and what the concept and what it looks like, you will only have to look up Roman woman and see the elegant way they tie their hair into a bun style then let the rest hang in delicate curls about the face and neck.

In conclusion, the good news is there are so many varieties that you could have a fun get together with your girlfriends before prom and practice your prom hairstyles for long hair together. Take pictures and make a lasting memory.

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