Simple Looped Side Ponytail Hair Tutorial

Elegant is the perfect call to simple looped side ponytail and this is the moment you want to throw away your worries about how complicated it is to create it. That is the amazing side of this hairdo, anyway you may have your hairdresser to do it for you if you think it is more comfortable. You may observe carefully how to create it by yourself later on which after a few times of practice you might be an expert yourself. Ponytail is one of basic hairdo which is adaptable to current mode and trend so you may create your own ponytail style indeed. It is very interesting matter as once you get your own style then it is your own self branding. And only yours.

Most of you have ample supply of your own hairdo equipments and to do this one all you need are the basic ones like :

  1. Brushes. Brush straight your hair to prepare it.
  2. Tail brush. Draw a line a line backward start from your eyebrow.
  3. Hairspray. Spray the start line with a thin hairspray that is to hold the area in place to enable you start doing the ponytail.
  4. Make sections at the back part of which you want to hair spray it as well before you lift the section up and use a teasing comb to brush it downward to the root to make a bump. Continue to brush it out to make it looks natural rather than dramatic.
  5. Direct the hair to the side you choose, comb it with your fingers and attach elastic bands of your choice to hold it.
  6. Use a rat tail comb to readjust the hair bump on your scalp.
  7. Make a separate at the elastic band, insert the rest of your twisted hair length through it to complete your simple looped side ponytail session.

Watch video below:

This video by : Luxy Hair

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