Short Trendy Hairstyles Maintenance Tips

Short Trendy Hairstyles Maintenance Tips

If you have decided to choose short trendy hairstyles for your feature, than you need intensive care and maintenance it.  That is true that short hairstyles is easier to handle and manage than long hairstyles.

Several short hair styles only need minimum daily attention. Short hair dries out quick, and does not typically catch  split ends. A few of the shortest styles do not regular need to be combed out! You will likely feel that your shampoo,  conditioner, and hair styling products last longer washed-up because you consumption just a little bit each time use. but it doesn’t mean that you don’t watch it for a long time.  Here we are going to provide some advice to care and maintain your short trendy hairstyles.

  1. Trim your hair regularly
    If you want to maintain your short trendy hairstyles, regular trimming is a must.  Ask the professional to shape it properly.  You could trim your hair within a month or less so the profesional still recognize the style.  Cut a little as often as you can.
  2. Keep it clean by regular shampooing
    Clean you hair on daily basis.  Your short hair need the cleaning and there is no doubt about it.  Talking about short trendy styles maintenance means talking about hair cleaning.  Short hair doesn’t keep natural oil of scalp, so that’s why dirt gets sticky to the scalp.  Use a gentle shampoo if your hair is delicate and don’t do excessive shampooing.  Use conditioner just if your hair need it.  And use the condotioner to your hair not on your scalp because your scalp does not need conditioner.  The conditioner makes your scalp greasy.
  3. Use your Blow Dryer
    You should keep in mind that using blow dryer too much will damage your hair, it will dry out your hair.  Normal and gentle usage will avoid your hair from becoming  dull and fuzzy.  Set  the blow dryer at low setting and hold it a proper distance away from your hair.
  4. Keep Your Hair Edges soft
    Your short trendy hairstyles looks good with soft edges, so keep it still soft.
  5. Hair Color Maintenance
    Don’t tell the world you color your hair.  Be sure to check and to color the roots when the original hair color floating due to their growth. You can color it biweekly or monthly depending how fast they grow.
  6. Brushing and Combing Gently
    You  should not  brush your hair 100 strokes every night. The 100 strokes before night is only a myth that still floating around us.  Your hair need only gentle brushing and combing.  Do not over to do it, just brushing to remove any tangles.

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