Maximize Your Winter Hairstyles

What to do with your hair in winter? The temperature may drop, but your hairstyles must not. There are some suggestions for you to maximize your winter hairstyles. There are indeed some hairstyles that suit better to the summer time than the winter because some shades of color and styles can make the hair look unnatural in the winter. Some ways of hairstyling can also affect the health of your hair too. Of course, you don’t want to ruin your hair just because of hairstyles.

In winter, there are some types of hair that can be applied to maximize your winter hairstyles. These factors below can help you giving idea to create your winter look.

First, volume

You can try to create voluminous hairstyles because this will make you look good in those bulky winter clothes. Try to use special shampoos or hair products to make it more voluminous or have some layered haircuts. This voluminous kind of winter hairstyles can make you feel more comfortable in the winter.

Second, hair length

Try to keep your hair long. Long hair can be used to help you to keep heat for the body. Just keep it loose, or curl it. In this way, it can keep the heat from losing away from your neck. Matching it with winter hats or beanies or fur, long winter hairstyles can make you look pretty. Moreover, there are many styles can be combined with long hair like flipped ends, curly or wavy styles, and so on. And winter hairstyles are indeed much easier to be applied in long hair, just like any hairstyles, there are many variations available. However, if you have short hairstyles, go back to make it more voluminous or go get bob hairstyles. The advantage of having short hair is it is easier for you to take care. With long hair, you need to pay more attention to the dryness of the winter wind that may harm your hair. Avoid ponytails or tying your hair back. This will make you lose your body heat faster than you think.

Third, bangs

Try to have bangs for winters, either full or side bangs. The bangs can help you avoid the winter wind at least for some part of the face, especially voluminous bangs. Another effect is it can minimize the paleness of the skin in the winter.

Fourth, color

You can try to have your hair dyed. Light colors are suitable for winter hairstyles as you need to make yourself brighter in the dark, gloomy, cold winter days. Blonde hair, for instance, can do for the winter hairstyles. This makes you look less pale. Highlight is not really recommended, especially for the bright highlights that are more suitable in the summer. They can make you look unnatural. However, still you have to pay attention to your skin color and other factors, as not all bright colors match everyone.

Fifth, hair cares

Extra care for your hair is really needed in winter hairstyles. Dryness can make your hair frizz up and makes it looks messy. You may wear wool hat or furry accessories often for the hair. This can give you problem too; the wool can actually “bite” your hair and makes it messy. Your hair can also be affected by the electricity effect caused by the wool or other certain fabrics. Try to use more moisturizers, conditioners, or hot oil for your hair. This will keep your hair better and make it easier for you to manage. However, not too many chemicals are to put on your hair. You should also wash your hair not very often because it will make it drier and the natural oily look will be lost. Hair care is necessary, but not too much.

Winter hairstyles can be achieved when you combine style and care for the hair. Pay attention to the both sides and good luck for your winter look.

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