Kate Gosselin 2010 New Long Hair

Kate Gosselin 2010 New Long Hair

There is no more Kate Gosselin with the short spiky hair. Beginning 2010, Kate had turned her very short spiky hair to long, lush, blond hair. Her new style was reported in People Magazine. This 34-year-old former star of reality show “Jon & Kate Plus 8” admitted that to have her long hair back was a very good thing to do that she never imagined why she had her short hair for such a long time.


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kate gosselin new hair

Kate Gosselin Long Hair

She and Ted Gibson, the professional celebrity hairstylist, spent 20 hours to transform herself from her former spiky short hair to tresses. Ted spent so many hours to Kate’s hair extensions. He said that it really took time to extend such short hairs and was glad that Kate didn’t even complain sitting in such a long time. In addition to the hair extensions, Kate got more hair on the front of her face. Ted gave her bangs. Her former jaw-length hair was replaced with sleek, layered bangs that Ted gave her. She loved it and admitted that, although there were more to do with long hair, to have tresses again was fun.

“Kate Clean Slate” this was what she called herself after feeling that she had started a new fresh life in 2010. After her final decision to divorce from Jon Gosselin before 2010, now she was confident to say that there was no option for 2010 to not become a good year. She felt good to start again with a new Kate and her new goals.

In addition to her sharing of her new hairstyle, she also shared about how her children managed to face her divorce, and of course about her new romance in the next year. Let’s see what will happen next in 2010 with this super mom of eight, and finally, here come Kate Gosselin with her new hair makeover!

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