How To Design Prom Hairstyles For Your Long Hair

To have a long hair means to have many kinds and types of choices when it comes to choose a hairstyle. When it comes to the prom, which girl who doesn’t want to look beautiful and charming? When if you really want to look gorgeous in this day, one of the most essential points is you have to pick the best prom hairstyles. Hair is the crown of the human. It supports your appearance and improves it. Therefore, here, we try to give suggestions about what kind of long hair prom hairstyles that can be applied. Try to match your prom hairstyles with your personality, not just about trends and styles.  You don’t want to look old or to over-glamour because it’s a prom night and not a royal occasions.  Therefore, try to pick a casual yet beautiful look and the most important thing is to try to be yourself, not others. Here, we also try to give some looks from the celebrities as examples.

First, the using of accessories. You can try to put on thin head bands or barrettes or other simple and elegant accessories on your hair. Match it with your dress and you can put on a simpler prom hairstyles. Your hair-dos can be simple but the beautiful accessories may make it up. This way, it can be more convenient for you and you won’t need to much complicated hair-dos. You can put some waves or curls at the end of the hair and then simply let it down in a natural style or you can make small thin waves and bring all the hair up and put the accessories, like feathers, ribbons or bands just like Rooney Mara. However, try not to use too many accessories, because this can make you look just not more elegant or casual.

Next, when you want no accessories, you can try to make some curl locks with your long hair. Try to use proper rollers, suit it with your needs, whether you want big or small locks, and with swept bangs like this picture. This way, you can maximize the appearances of the bangs. Use some sprayer or gel to create the bang style, put some mini pins to sweeten it, or just simply let it down. With this simple hairdo, you can make it up through bigger accessories like necklace, or bracelets, or even more glamorous dress. So, the balance is still there.

The next, updos or downdos.Try to have loose buns, or chignons, or other updos or downdos styles for your prom hairstyles. Loose wave on the front hair or to simple put no hair on the face – in this case, try to combine, again, with accessories, so that it is not too empty on your face, especially when you have broad forehead. You can mix it with small French braids, or other bun style that you can first consult with your hairstylist. Put some messy look too. The function of the loose and messy look is to make you appear less formal. It is a prom night anyway, and you don’t want to look way too formal or too posh and classy.

Whether or not you realize it, we are actually emphasizing more on the casual or natural yet beautiful look. We emphasize on the balance between your prom hairstyles and your dresses or accessories. When you have more dominant hairstyles, then make it simpler on your dress and accessories, and vice versa. By doing this, you won’t look as walking-accessories-shop. Moreover, now it all goes back to the rather natural, casual, and minimalist look. Match it with softer make-ups, we hope you can pick the best long prom hairstyles for your day. Good luck !

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