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If you prefer a hairstyle that is not based on any way of hair styling and that completely has no rules; a hairstyle that you can really be bold with, then emo hairstyles are the perfect choice for you (emo : emotion). As this hairstyle is intended to show the real personality, you can do whatever you want or like in styling it. All you need to do is to simply follow the emo guidelines and characteristics, but overall, there is no rule in it.

Many people do their own emo haircuts rather than go to the salon. In this way, people can just experiment and do whatever they want with their hair. Therefore, emo hairstyles are always unique in many ways. Just prepare scissors, razors, hair dyes, or electronic shear; you can start to create your do-it-yourself emo haircuts.

Put mirror in both front and back of your head, in this way you can better know the result of your cutting. If you are not sure about the style, don’t worry emo hairstyles are all about creativity and boldness. This means you just need to follow your emotion, feeling, and instinct. Try to cut or shear the lower part of the hair first so that you can still improve it when you make a mistake. As heavy fringes are the characteristic of emo look, remember to do side parting of your hair before you start. This will contribute to the heavy look of your fringes. This kind of fringe will surely cover your face or your eyes and this will make it easier for you to get a real triangular emo bangs. Lopsided hair is also often seen in emo haircuts for girls. The asymmetrical look of emo haircuts can make it easier for you to apply and cut your own style. This means you don’t need to worry when the result does not have an even cutting. Try to jaggedly cut your hair, give some layers and structure and put some shaggy look. This is the guideline of a classic emo hairstyles and can give you an emo look of emo haircuts.

A problem to the things mentioned above is the types of hair. Classic emo hairstyles are straight hair. This will give a clear look of the shaggy or jagged structures of the emo haircut. But if you have wavy or curly or frizzy hair, then it is better to rely on some hair products like the hair-straightener. Even you can take advantage of using these products; hair gels can help you to get a spiky styles or shags. This can be done through wetting your hair, and then with some gels, create the styles that you want and blow it till it’s dry or completely dry. With some additional hairspray, it will last longer. This can be used by people who have curly hair or short hair.

Next is to dye your hair. Classic emo haircuts for girls are jet black in their base colors and then it is highlighted with some other colors. As emo haircuts are free, you can use any color you want. Be creative and bold to achieve a unique style so that it is really your own hairstyles and haircuts. Red, blue, purple, blonde, any color will match. But not too many colors to be mixed at once; emo look is a freedom, but you have to create regularity and some pretty look, too. A color gradient on the hair is good, too, or another option is, you can dye the tips of the hair with a different color of the highlighted upper parts of the hair. However, if you decide to have emo hairstyles, you have to remember that the emo look is commonly very bright and conspicuous. So prepare yourself for your rebellious kind of look.

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