Hairstyles for Long Hair

Having long hair is the dream of many women. In addition to elegant and feminine, the women also can form a long hair with hair styles diverse. There are some hairstyles for long hair in order to perfect your performance.

● Normally dry hair will look and feel thicker than the damp hair. Therefore, use hair care products that use a moisturizer, such as hair conditioner, hair gel, or use shampoo for dry and damaged hair, to help give the impression thinner.

● If your hair thick, ask your hairdresser to cut your hair using scissors to thin. With scissors with a serrated edge, with one side looks like a comb, and only cut about 15 percent of the hair in one snip. In this way the hair will also be broken down properly, and the hair can be trimmed with a different length. Then shape your hair with a layer or texture. Other types of hairclippings can give the appearance of thinner hair.

● After a short bob or asymmetrical bob slowly began to fade, now bob up again a new type of so-called “lob”, or a long bob. As the name implies, this model offers a long bob hair. One of the celebrities who popularized lob model is Gwyneth Paltrow and Anne Hathaway. According to Hallie Bowman, the celebrity hairdresser from Pantene, lob will be popular throughout the autumn of this year. This hairstyle will work for everyone, and versatile. That means you can let it loose so just to go to the office, more freely, curly, wavy large, sticking out, or pinch back in a bun for the party. The model is very fashionable, but easily arranged.

Hairstyles for long hair, with the belt like a horse’s tail is also very suitable. Women will look sexy in the form of a long ponytail that hung down. To give the impression more attractive, hair ties not too tight, and let the hair – hairs on the margins were hempas wind. This hairstyle will give a beautiful impression on your neck.

From various forms of hairstyles for long hair, very popular among women.

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