Hair Curling Tutorial Using Curling Iron

Hair curling tutorial will never be said in those million of romantic songs which have “curl hair” and “blonde hair” in their lyrics. Curly hair has its own magic to keep your charm at the top to impress your opposite sex. Let it be then. To have a smart question “how to make curl hair” pop up in your mind is an instinct you want to follow up at once. No matter how thin or how thick your hair is, there is always a proper method to do it. You want to start these hair curling steps from your own self confidence that it is about how to do it and not about how thick and long or how thin and short your hair originally is. You can always achieve same final impression as long as you do it right. Have your curling iron, brush and hairspray handy and here we go:

  • For longer hair you want to use 1 inch diameter curling iron and 3/4 inch one for shorter hair.
  • Clamp it and roll up from the bottom, let it for as many seconds your hairpiece would need. That’s it, you got a streamline free fall curl at no time at all. The secret is how close to your scalp you would roll your hair, keep the same distance. As the final look will be very much affected by this point.
  • The second popular method is : start clamping from your scalp surface, make one turn of your hair onto the curling iron, let it for few seconds. Give a uniform distance to make the 2nd, 3rd and so on curl depends on how long your hair is. The output should be a rough look curly hair.

By now you should have seen that hair curling tutorial of the right quality is the first of all material you want to have prior to start working on it.

See the video below:

This video presented by Karmin

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