Fringe Hairstyles

Rihanna HairstylesAre you tired of your hairstyle throughout this 2010? Well, a little bit transformation can be done. Just do something simple; fringe can be one of the forms of simplicity. As the urban techno hairstyles predicted in 2009 to welcome 2010, soft and feminine hairstyle was thought to dominate 2010. One of the ways to make yourselves look more feminine is to have fringes. You can even look more feminine in short hairstyles when you have beautiful bangs. This fringe hairstyles can be a solution for those who wish to have short hairstyles, but still, with feminine look. So, short hairstyle doesn’t always make you look less feminine.

An example is from Rihanna. Imagine Rihanna without her fringe, well, then you know what the point is; fringes create feminine sensation. Fringe can also make you look fresher, younger, and more natural. A comparation from Paris’ hairstyle can help you to see the difference.

Fringe HairstylesRelated to the urban techno hairstyles that put the focus on the using of texture to create movement, the types of fringes range with many textures, such as pointed tip and geometric cutting techniques.

Fringe is said to suit the hairstyles in winter 2010 and is said to be very popular in 2010. However, for those who have curly hair, they might have to straighten the fringe to make it look better. Stars like Christina Ricci, Cheryl Burke, or Rumer Willis have bangs in various styles, straight bangs or side bangs. For your bangs or fringes style, you might want to consult it with your hairdresser.

Fringe HairstylesSome say that to have fringes are a little bit annoying, considering that you have to cut it frequently. But for those who don’t have much time, well, to cut your own bangs is not really difficult. You maybe not able to create your own fringes style when you cut it yourself, but this way can simply help you to avoid going to the beauty saloon too often. So, maybe you wanna browse for some fringes style that suit your face shape and prepare to have your fringes hairstyles in welcoming 2010’s winter? Techno urban hairstyles, that is said to dominate the hairstyles in 2010 has the main points to create softer and more feminine sensation, and fringes can do these points for you. What are you waiting for? Try something new and get yourself some short hair on the forehead!

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Fringe Hairstyles Fringe Hairstyles Fringe Hairstyles

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