Exotic 2011 – 2012 Hairstyles and Makeup Trends

2011 are laying ahead all of us. A preparation for fashion, hairstyles and even makeup style is what you need to welcome 2011, girls. Well, as a reference, for makeup trends in 2010, it is generally about the style of nude colors and natural make-up style that results in natural look. This emphasizes on flawless look of the skin, rather pale but still pretty style of make-up. The appearance of bare lips, using of little mascara and mineral foundation; only these can create the hot trend in 2010. Some other popular styles in 2010 are also smoky eyes, red lips, and colorful eye shadows.

2011 HairstylesSo, what is it with the makeup trends in 2011? And what kind of 2011 – 2012 hairstyles? Perhaps one of them is the exotic kind of style. Well, an exotic type of make-up style will seem to enter the cosmetics market in Asia Pacific, for it has been semi-introduced in Indonesia during a beauty pageant held on the past 8th October 2010 in Jakarta Convention Center, exactly on the occasion of an Indonesian beauty pageant. We have been looking forward to visiting this beauty pageant to exclusively take a look on the newest makeup theme of one of the biggest cosmetics companies in Indonesia. The cosmetics producers PT Mustika Ratu Tbk had released the new makeup theme in 2011 called “Paras Swarnanindya” throughout the show. The main style is a golden look. As quoted by the CEO of the company, his theme was inspired from the beauty of the sea and color and its application in make-up is the one of the most essential factors that need to be emphasized in this trend.

Exotic hairstylesShortly after the event is completed, our staff tried to contact the team from the Paras Swarnanindya and tried to ask what kind of hairstyle that matches the Paras Swarnanindya Theme. various kinds of input we received, also we try to show some photos of hair styles that fit with that theme, to be chosen by them. and the impression that we look, the 2011-2012 hairstyles that suit with Paras Swarnanindya theme is rolled or updo hairstyles and styled looks like a sea wave. images that we display here, shows what kind of 2011 hairstyles.

2011 & 2012 HairstylesA model dressed in golden dress walked on the catwalk with her super elegant style. The makeup was simply beautiful and elegant with its golden look as well as their 2011 hairstyles. We have taken some pictures along the short product launching time. However, as the quality of our pictures was not good and convincing enough, we prefer to ask the favor of some makeup stylists and solicit their opinions, like what 2011-2012 hairstyles that matches the Praras Swarnanindya theme. and here we are, trying to provide you with some examples of makeup and hairstyles of natural style through these selected pictures.

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Hairstyles Trend2011 hair stylePretty good, isn’t it? After a natural, rather pale and nude look of 2010, it is somewhat good to get back in colors. The golden style in this makeup trend 2011 can create a dazzling, sexy, and stylish look. Matte bronzer for the face, rose gold on the eyes, and nude colors on the lips can do for an exotic golden look 2011. Not only for a formal occasion or parties, in which you can look glamorous in your exotic golden look, lighter shades of gold can also create casual looks on the face.

Not satisfied? Well, then perhaps try to get ready for other makeup trends in 2011.

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