Evaluate Celebrity Hairstyles

It is not in doubt again celebrity hairstyles is always the trend and fashion. Celebrity hairstyles identical always with the parties and the luxury. As  public figure is certainly needed  profesional hair stylist  to create a trendy haircut and good.

Otherwise professional hairstylist always pleased to create and try to create newest trend for celebrity hairstyles. This is it that make people always choose celebrity hairstyles as their hair patterns.

But do not wrong, all celebrity hairstyles not always suitable for you. You must know the structure of your face, if your face oval, square or are your forehead too prominent?

Also do not forget if you choose celebirty hairstyles also adjust the clothes you wore.  Here we will try to discuss the plus and minus celebrity hairstyles.

Evaluate Jessica Alba Hairstyles



It is not a secret anymore Jessica Alba’s beauty is in the hair, spiral hairstyles and nice flat forehead. This straight and black hair is incompatible with the appearance all this time. Her straight bangs past too far her eyebrow and cover her forehead. While her straight black hair down more tighten her jaw face .



Beautiful and elegant with her blonde spiral hairstyle. Her wave bangs very elegant with her oval face while the spiral in the hair make her jaw look soft. This is really a perfect celebrity hairstyles.


EvaluateTyra Banks Hairstyles

You can find many ideas about African American hairstyles from celebrity hairstyles and one of them is  Tyra Banks hairstyles.  This beautiful black woman is very attractive,  remains an inspiration and influence for many women.
Tyra Banks looks georgeous with her long wavy hairstyles.  Last times, Tyra Banks tried to get another preety look with her new long hair straight hairstyles.  Let see what are the plus and the minus of her hairstyles:

Tyra Banks With Sedu Straightness Hairstyles

Tyra Banks With Sedu Straightness Hairstyles


This is the first look of Tyra Banks’s with her new long straight hairstyles.  The bangs, which is grown pass out her eyelish,  is succeeded to fulflll her forehead.

Tyra Banks Spiral Hairstyles

Tyra Banks Spiral Hairstyles

Tyra Banks has an oval face shape that suitable with the bangs style.  Of course, she will look more georgeous if she wear a simple necklaces to decorate her neck.
Long wavy hairstyles is a typical hairstyles of Tyra Banks.  The upper part her hair which is a little bit open but not over volumed, could neutrelized her prominent forehedad.

Tyra Banks Curly Hairstyles

Tyra Banks Curly Hairstyles

Her spiral hair is too freezy and over volumed.  Actually, her hair color is suit to her gold color dress, however the additional golden accessories makes a complex looks and makes the hairstyles washed out.
How about her forehead?  The front opened and  over volumed hairstyles make her forehead appeared much more prominent.  With that hairstyles, she is appeared like a lighthouse when she is sweating Ohh Noo…  Anyway, She is always chic and sexy for me, whatever she wears

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