Does your hair style cause the hair loss?

Does your hair style cause the hair loss?

It must be very distressing experience when everitime you wash your hair you have hundreds of hair fall out.  Or realizing that everitime you sweep the house, hair strands are seen much more “larger” amount than dust you swept.

Although the hair loss is normal evidence, but when the strands are falling out at a crazy rate, which is the normal hair falling is around 120 strands daily, there must be something wrong with you and your hair of course.  The abnormal falling is may caused by stress, disease, poor diet, heat, certain hair style and of course chemicals.  I am not describing all that cause but hair style and its chemicals hair styling products.

There are so many hair styling products are available now.  They are designed as safe as possible although there is some one will react allergically to them (might be the someone is you).  An allergic reation to any constituent in hair styling product will cause hair loss.

Always go to a trusted and professional person when applying chemical to your hair.  And keep watching, it is possible that the chemicals he applied was too harsh, which damaged and dried your hair.

Does your hair style cause hair loss?

Not so many hair style can cause hair loss, only style which is need special physical treatment such as tightly-braided hair style.  The African and African-American hair braiding styles can be beautiful choices for natural hair. The numerous alternatives like  cornrow braids, mini braids, goddess braids, corner braids and crank braids are only a few of the ways to create slick styles that turn heads.  However, the beautiful mode could make tension on the scalp that can do scary Traction alopecia.  Traction alopecia is the loss of hair from constant pulling, the hair loss without any potential regrowth.  It  is commons among African-Americans since of their design with tightly braided styles.

To close, you should first take into consederation the things that are needed in the procedure that will be undergone by your hair as well as scalp when a crazy rate hair loss occur.  If you are uncertain about the condition of your hair and scalp then take advice from a qualified trichologist.

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