Do more with Long Layered Hairstyles

Long hair is a symbol of womanhood that never fade from time to time. Discover the right way so that long layered hairstyles remain beautiful. Long hair can make women more feminine and sexy, it never fade from time to time. Besides giving a feminine appearance, long hair also provides more Possibilities for you to try different styles. Like what a beautiful view and the long hair?

Long hair or how long you can grow hair on the specified pair genetically. The average person can grow his hair to mid back. However, it also greatly depends on the health and strength of hair, because hair is usually hard to reach lengths of fragile. Fragile hair generally does not bear a heavy burden. And usually when it reaches shoulder length, brittle hair had begun to break broken.

There are several style for long layered hairstyles, cut average layer style, or traps, especially on the side of the face. This method is much better in the model versus the same long hair all long flat. With a layer or trap cut, the burden will be lighter hair and is easy to get long hair in various styles variate.

Long Layered Hairstyles

Long Layered Hairstyles

Layer or trap on the side of the face are also often taken into consideration for the hairdresser before cutting the long hair. Previous hairdresser will see the shape of the face and facial structure, even his great client neck. This way is to keep the layer or trap cut not too short.

For example, if your neck is great, too protruding ears, or chin is too fat, then cut the hair stylist on the side of the face layer is too short, so when you tie the hair round the section will look real, because it is not covered by a layer or trap that is not too long.

Now a lot of hairdressers who make the layer or trap on the long hair with long layered hairstyles, by using a razor or a razor, do not use scissors. Techniques using a razor blade so that the hair is thinning hair lighter. However, unfortunately this can also cause the tip end of the hair was damaged, especially on thick hair, dry hair, or curly hair. Hair types are much better, if scissors be diluted with thinning Shears.

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