2012 Hairstyles Collection

2012 is coming, new fashion and hairstyle just developed by some designer, hairdressers and hairstylist. In Asia, Korea is one of the most top fashion’s pioneer. They called it “Hallyu Wave” it means spread korean culture around the world from Kpop, food, drama even their fashion style. Asian cultures have unique senses of style, they took it to another level with some wonderful creations. Haute Couture (high fashion custom fitted clothing) always performed in fashion capitals such as Milan, London, Paris, New York and Tokyo. But this year the almost same great event held in Seoul, South Korea.

Recently, there is an international event titled “2012 Korea Hair Style Hair Collection”. It was a showcase for the developements in contemporary hairstyling and the event showcasting for two days and perform some of the world’s cutting edge designs. The show kicked of there on Tuesday, 6th December 2011 and end at 7th December 2011.

In that show, we can see one of the pretty creations from annual show in South Korea. The beautiful models performing on stage to introduce and presents the number of unique hairstyles that we could only dream of from some wold hairdressers.

It about more than 80 professional hair designers from around the world gathered to show off their latest ideas about 2012 hairstyles collection. Professional hair designers from Shanghai’s Vidal Sassoon Academy and Tokyo’s Zone and Section Academy joined the event called “2012 Korea Hair Collection’ as well as those from Seoul’s representative hair salons. We can see how international and domestic hairdressers demonstrate and show their wild imagination to the hair.

If you want get some unique inspiration for a makeover perhaps the models at 2012 Korea Hair Collection can give you some vision or alternative for 2012 hairstyles collection.

Here is a statement from Lee Hyuong-woo, president of S. Korean Beauty Club, said, “The world’s new trend collection had barely been introduced to our hairdressers. There has been no momentum for the world’s famous designers to come here and introduce their collection, so we’re holding this event for the first time.”.

There are many unique hairstyle performed by beautiful models in that day. Some of them take the concept of  strange hair-accesories from floral-inspired designs to spiky extrenes, jaw-droppinf and colourful creations of hats made from dolls and fruit or bird ness hat as the nature concept hairstyles, monster clawed hands and horror themed fancy dress parties that maybe you could use it as an idea for 2012 halloween hairstyles, it could be strange but also creative and artistic.

In my own article 2012 exotic hairstyles, there are disscussion about makeup trends with the theme of “Paras Swarnanindya” which means returning to nature, 2012 hairstyles show that held in Seoul, South Korea is harmony with nature themes as well. This means concern for the environment began to enter the area of fashion.

Here are some pictures which will become 2012 hairstyles trend for you see, check it out and enjoy it.

*Click each image to zoom

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