2011 Halloween Hairstyles With Futuristic & Nature Themes

Have you tried to search for 2011 Halloween Hairstyles ideas? Halloween is around the corner. What are you going to be this time? Surely you don’t want to keep on repeating the your looks or Halloween hairstyles from year to year, right? It is just not cool. Halloween does not always mean that you have to appear totally spooky.

Halloween HairstylesBefore you decide your Halloween hairstyles, it is important to know what kind of style do you want, what do you want to be? Ghost, vampires, and so on. This time, it seems like many themes come to futuristic and nature theme. Futuristic style or Futuristic Hairstyles is the continuity of the urban lifestyle from 2010. This kind of style apparently will still dominate and quite “in” this year. Meanwhile the natural theme is the allegedly upcoming Hairstyles Trend in 2012 and we call it Nature Hairstyles. Therefore, it is a combination between the trend from last and allegedly upcoming year. It is definitely a different Halloween theme. Compared with the Halloween hairstyles vampire themes and the without-blood Halloween hairstyles, the futuristic and natural theme are moderner. However, when you think so “what is Halloween without ghost?” you can still stick on the above mentioned style.

Halloween CostumeAfter deciding the theme, start to think about your hairstyles. To create a gorgeous Halloween look, you need to fulfill 3 points: costumes, make ups and hairstyles. You cannot have great-looking costumes but bad hair-dos or make-ups. Try to balance these three points to have  maximal look at the party. Here, we’ll try to give some tips for your 2011 Halloween hairstyles. Try not to wash your hair one or two days before party. This will make your hair more easily to manage. Second, as always, try to use hair dyes, sprays or wigs to enhance your appearances. Through wigs, you can cut it or shape it into the theme you want. There are even lion- or other uniquely shaped wigs available. For man, if you have bald hair, try to draw scars or veins coming down from your head to the body. This can create a spooky sensation. Another idea is to be a Halloween Haircyborg. This way you don’t need to think of other complicated way with wigs or hair accessories. Aha!

2011 Halloween hairstyles? With futuristic style, you can appear super pale and clean. Try hair wax and some powder. Make yourself look pale and robotic. The difficult part is probably the costume part. Well you can try to make your own futuristic costume by making some clever-look accessories like scientific rocket or robotic suit. For woman, apply the same pale skin and dark-colored lipstick. Another idea is to be a wee bit natural. Paint some flowers, butterfly, or tiger, or even the whole tree onto your body. It’s a little bit time-consuming but the result would be wonderful if you succeed in creating this body paint.

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Happy Halloween everybody!

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